Lewis McLean | Carpenter

Lewis - Country and Coast Construction - Builders in Wellington

I joined Country and Coast construction in May 2021, shortly after gaining my carpentry qualifications at the end of 2020. I have always had a passion for building, ever since I was a youngster building (non-compliant) tree houses and forts with mates.

Growing up

I have grown up in Wellington/Wairarapa and I may be biased, but I believe it’s the greatest place to live, work and play. Only in Wellington can you be so close to the Country and Coast. 

During my time building I have gained experience working on a wide range of projects. Commercial to residential, new builds to renovations, high end jobs to budget friendly jobs. Jobs I love are the ones that are challenging and require thought and research. A highlight of mine so far is, gaining a scholarship so I was able to further and future proof my building career. But the best thing in building has to be the mates you meet along the way. 

I love building and so glad that this is what I chose, if I wasn’t building I would love to be either a professional sportsman or a musician, but I lack both athletic prowess and basic rhythm, so I’ll be sticking with building. 


I have done a little bit of travel overseas, but I would much rather travel around our own country. My favourite spot to visit is Castlepoint, just out of Masterton. But learning to surf in the Catlins, past Dunedin is on the bucket list. In my spare time, I like to veg out. Relax, watch some movies, eat some good quality takeaways and drink a few gins. I am cricket mad, love music and always keen to get into the kitchen.

My career goals are:

> Gain my LBP

> Become a more knowledgeable and educated builder

> Gain some valuable skills that will help me transition off the tools easier when the time comes.

> Pass on what I’ve learnt and experienced to others who are just starting out, and make them feel like they are valued in the industry.