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Country and Coast Construction (formally CMCC Builders) is a small owner-operated construction company based out of Lower Hutt, Wellington. We provide licensed carpentry, management and renovation services across the Wellington region.

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With the new housing market being dominated by group housing companies we tend to focus on architectural builds, home renovations and extensions. Renovation work is often much more technical for the builders and requires a unique approach to each project.

We can provide some benefits larger companies might not be able to provide; such as owner involvement on every project, increased client involvement, increased flexibility and smaller overhead costs. We focus on teaching employees quality building techniques and the importance of client expectations.

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A consistent focus on quality allows for a high level of client satisfaction. As a result, Country and Coast is growing each year and we are slowly taking on bigger and more complex projects.

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Get in touch to discuss your next renovation or new home project. We would be happy to offer any advice or answer any questions you may have. Some times we are even happy to offer advice on how to complete a project without the need to pay for a builder!

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We are always trying to offer as much free information as possible on common home and building issues affecting people in New Zealand. So check out our slowly growing blog for articles and information that as a home owner could be of interest.

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